The Mind Behind: Ellie Hayes Caps


We are very passionate about young talent at MBM  and are excited to partner with the California-based brand Ellie Hayes Caps for our next 1ON1 with super-producer Kerry Brothers. Founded in June 2013, the growing company offers one size fits all, creative, unisex 5-panel caps. Founder and owner Tiffany Turner designs and picks fabric from local California stores. All graphic design work, packaging, printing, and business needs are done in America by local neighborhood shops.

The bright and vibrant designs of Ellie Hayes Caps expresses the unrestricted, creative and free-spirited personality of its consumer. Besides being the perfect cap for the spring/summer, Ellie Hayes takes a percentage of each cap sold and donates it to a World Help Organization, Clinics of Hope, which helps to build medical clinics in sub-Saharan African villages where professionals will provide life-saving treatment and immediate care for those in urgent need.

We sat down with Tiffany Turner for a quick Q&A. Learn more about The Mind Behind Ellie Hayes, what inspires her and even get a little piece of advice if you’re thinking about starting your own retail company.

Who is Ellie Hayes? 

The name, Ellie Hayes, comes from a combination of all four of my grandparent’s names. I believe in celebrating my past and knowing my history because in doing so, I hope to discover my future and thus say thank you to my ancestors who made it possible for me to become a business owner.

Ella Mea- EL
Anne Lee- LIE
Hayes- HAYES
Sullivan- The S on Hayes

What inspired you to start your own business? 

I decided to start living now and not just for my future. I have been in school all my life – undergrad, post-bacc – pre med (I was going to go to med school), and now MBA/MPH. I felt like I wasn’t living for me. All I had was school and I have always did what was expected of me. Last winter 2013 my friend passed away and I decided that I needed to find my passion, and start living my dreams.

Your designs are so vibrant and fresh. Where does the inspiration come from?

Every cap represents me and how I feel. I take inspiration from my life. I have always loved bright colors and putting crazy patterns together.

Where can we find Ellie Hayes?
Instagram: @EllieHayesFashion

Lastly, one piece of advice for others wanting to start a retail line. 

If a strategy isn’t working, try something else. Because my business is online, I can tell if something is working within 2 weeks. If I don’t see a significant advantage within that 2 weeks, I change course and start over. Know your market and always be willing to try something new. Your idea may be innovative, but your strategy and marketing techniques has to be too



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