The Mind Behind: DrivenSociety


driven adjective
:very determined to succeed.
1. : having a compulsive or urgent quality
2. : propelled or motivated by something

It takes a certain mindset and character to first see success and then to continue to be successful. Hard work will always out work talent, and that’s a philosophy that goes beyond the entertainment and media industry.

I met Travis Weekes, the founder of DrivenSociety, at the latter end of December 2013. He attended several Minds Behind the Music 1ON1 Workshops and eventually we sat down to discuss how we could be of help to one another’s movements. I love what DrivenSocitey stands for and Minds Behind the Music will be partnering with the company to produce original content throughout the year. Hit the jump for a quick Q&A with Mr. Weekes.

1. What is Driven Society?
DrivenSociety is a Lifestyle Marketing company with a focus on providing a platform for emerging artists, creatives and Driven Individuals. We do this through events and Our hat & apparel line is DrivenSociety New York

2. What inspired you to start the site? Have you always wanted to work in music/media?
I wanted to provide a platform for people to reach their dreams. I feel like that’s my purpose in life. I just had to find a way to go about it and that’s what inspired me to launch; a hub for Driven individuals to build with one another. I did not always want to work in music and/or media. I used to actually be in real estate  and thought that was my calling, but music has always been a  passion of mine. So literally one day I decided to pursue my passion. Haven’t looked back since.

3. What’s in the pipeline for 2014?
For 2014 we have more events in the works. Our “Look” art show series will highlight really talented visual artists in our network and our music and networking series, “Next Up”, will continue to be a platform for emerging musicians. We’ll also be expanding our hat line to include clothing. I’ll also be looking to manage a couple artists under the DrivenSociety umbrella as well.

4. Dream job?
I used to say that my dream job would be the President of Def Jam Recordings or a major music/marketing company. Which is still true to some degree, but now I want DS to be just as big as Def Jam is.

5. If you could interview anyone, who would it be?
If I could interview anyone it would probably be Jay-Z. I know that’s typical of someone from Brooklyn, but I identify with him so much. The quiet one in the room always makes the loudest moves.

Make sure to check out DrivenSociety’s “Next Up” Live Music Series this Wednesday, April 7 at Drom NYC. For more information and line-up, visit

Written By Anastasia Wright | @BossLadyA

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