“It was the first time we ever hosted a program like this and were so please with the outcome since it drew out all of our musical artists and students that are interested in how the industry is now utilizing digital media.”

Elisa Zervos, Career & Internship Advisor, St. John’s University

“It was a pleasure to be a panelist at the Minds Behind The Music Seminar.  This unique, “real-world” educational program provides a wonderful opportunity for those of us in the music industry to teach others about the many facets of the industry and inspire them follow their dreams.”

–  Jill Strada, Assistant Program Director Manager, Hot 96.9 Boston

“The MBTM event was such an amazing opportunity to share our story and experience in this exciting entertainment and media industry. Technology has opened so many new avenues to reach and touch people, and it was great to introduce that avenue to our future leaders of the entertainment industry.”

Rodney Williams,  CEO/Co-founder, LISNR

“Minds Behind the Music was the first time since I graduated college three years ago that I felt as though I made an impact on my future career.  I felt myself starting to give up, and Minds Behind the Music was just what I needed to get myself back to where I want to be.”

Carmen Rodriguez, Attendee

“Thank you so much for for developing such an incredible resource for passionate people in the music/media industry!”

Youdlyn Moreau, Attendee

I’ve attended a lot of creative seminars and events within the past year, but it was really inspiring to attend an event based on my interest and passion within media and entertainment.”

Felicia Kelley, Producer, HuffPost Live

“Just taking a moment to say you did an amazing job with your Minds Behind the Music series. It’s a great medium to educate and service the music community. Keep up the fantastic work.”

Doug Wade, Attendee