Re-Cap: Women in Music

women in music

Photo by Cherie Hu

In honor of Women’s History Month we partnered with BRIC Arts Media House Stoop Series to host a discussion with female music executives featuring Leota Blacknor, VP, Urban Marketing & Label Acquisitions, Caroline Records; Katie Schlosser, Head of Label Relations for North America, Spotify and Nicole George-Middleton, Vice President of Membership, Rhythm & Soul, ASCAP. That’s a lot of V-power. Here are three things we learned from these three power players in music who just happen to be women.

Take the “woman” out of the executive. 

Believe it or not. Yes. Being a female music executive is not that much different than being a male music executive. Well, at least you should approach it that way. Your focus should be on being a great leader and knowing your shit. The more you place focus on doing the work and being qualified for the job/s you want, the less you should have to worry about being taken as serious as your male counterparts.

That doesn’t mean you won’t face challenges. However, the playing field has evened up a lot over the past 20 years. There’s still the occasional “baby,” “sweety” and equal pay is still an issue, but the opportunity is there for any woman to make her mark.

You can have it “all.”  

Many think a woman has to sacrifice having a family to reach a certain level of success. Wrong. All our speakers have children, and are or have been married.

You make it work for you. Long gone are the days of having to choose a career or family. If anything, having a family can offer balance. Life should not be all about work. “I don’t let the industry define me, I define who I am in the industry,” Leota said. That’s so important. You should care about the work and it should be meaningful to you, but it’s not everything.

Be true to who you are.

You won’t always have the answer. Knowing who you are and why you decided to pursue the career you have, will keep you grounded in those moments of uncertainty. There will come a time, multiple times, when you’re character will be tested. You have to stand firm in who you are and your ability. Trust yourself and the process.

Written by Anastasia Wright, Exec. Dir., Minds Behind the Music

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