re-CAP: Music Meets Tech Seminar

St. John's University

In partnership with 2020 Shift, Minds Behind the Music hosted a Music Meets Tech seminar at St. John’s University on Tuesday, February 17th featuring Amy Vale, Head of Global Business Marketing + Brand Experiences at Spotify, Grant Yanney, former Social Media Manager for Rap Genius and Ariel Lopez, co-founder of 2020 Shift and Career Coach at General Assembly.

The discussion centered on what a career in tech really looks like; the hours, the starting salaries, companies students should look to for internship and job opportunities and transferable skills needed to succeed, and NO, you do not need a background in coding! Each speaker touched on what a day-in-their-job is like and gave practical advice on how to pursue a career in their field.

A huge thank you to the staff at St. John’s University Career Services Center and an even bigger thank you to Minds Behind the Music’s Jamaan Mills and Kareemah Sellers.

– ADW, Executive Director, Minds Behind the Music Inc.

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