RE-CAP: 1ON1: Cali Green

Cali Green

On January 27 Minds Behind the Music kicked off 2016 with what could possibly be the best executive talk yet [sorry Jo Jo!]. At the Wix Lounge in Chelsea we chopped it up with Cali Green, Manager of Urban Media at eOne Music.

Touching on how to choose a good publicist to the challenges of being a woman of color in music [panel discussion in the works…], she was forthcoming with honest and informative answers. Courtesy of and Wix Music, the discussion will be available on YouTube. In the interim, here’s three things we learned from our talk with Cali Green.

To thy own self be true.

Do not expect a publicist to figure out who you are. Cali dropped gems on the importance of artists having a firm understanding of their identity and music, before hiring a publicist. It starts and ends with the artist. If an artist does not at least have an idea of who they are and how they’d like to be marketed, no one else will. Save time, money and a whole lot of confusion by engaging in a little self-reflection first.

Being a woman in music is hard, not impossible.

Cali handled a question from an audience member with style & grace. The question being; “how do you handle the challenges that come with being an African American woman in music.” After Cali and I stared at each other for about 2 minutes [laughs], the answer: know who you are and why you wanted the job in the first place. Being a music professional is no different than being an artist. You need to have a firm sense of self to combat situations that would otherwise lead you to compromise. Cry in the bathroom, vent to family and friends, but believe you’re enough and deserve a seat at the table.

Do your homework. 

Another great question from an audience member addressed how to evaluate a potential publicist to work with. Cali shared a great tip often overlooked. If the said publicist goes straight to talking numbers without first learning more about your goals and expectations, red flag. I threw in a personal pet peeve; bad grammar. Do your homework. Ask for case studies, a current client list, examples of work, references from past clients and certainly check out the company and personal social media accounts. You’re entitled. If the company/publicist has an issue providing the listed information, be weary of moving forward with the business relationship.

ADW, Executive Director, Minds Behind the Music

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