Minds Behind the Music is a non-profit organization that educates students, recent graduates and young professionals on careers in entertainment and media. We call our program an “experience” because the chance to meet and talk with an executive face-to-face as well as network with like-minded individuals is invaluable and can be life changing. We wouldn’t be where we are today if we hadn’t taken advantage of those very same opportunities.

Our overall goal is to forge genuine and lasting relationships between young professionals and established executives with diverse backgrounds in media and entertainment. Because these industries are forever evolving, Minds Behind the Music is a powerful new resource for providing the next generation of executives with accurate information from key power players who are making an impact now in their respective fields.

Through free seminars & workshops we offer  insight and advice on professional careers paths in entertainment and media. Our seminars & workshops are unique in that we leverage our experiences, relationships and expertise to create an intimate and meaningful experience for our attendees.

The Why

[As told by Mind Behind the Music’s Exec. Director,  Anastasia Wright]

While in college, I was unable to spend hundreds & thousands of dollars on seminars and conferences, my career center really could not offer much insight, and it was almost impossible to find any helpful  information online. I did find alternative ways to learn about career opportunities the music, but nothing matched having the opportunity to finally connect with an executive face-to-face while attending a panel discussion. 

After countless internships and getting my marketing company IMG Agency off the ground, myself and business partner wanted to do something to help others get their careers started. Minds Behind the Music was birthed out of a need and passion to see more young people like ourselves in the music business. It also became a platform for those who had career interests in media and other areas of entertainment to connect with executives, and with their peers who had similar interests and career goals.

We want to foster an intimate and safe environment for people to get real advice and gain real access to executives who are actually interested in helping the next generation of media and entertainment professionals. In 2009, we produced the first Minds Behind the Music Summit and produced Vol. 2 in 2010, eventually bringing the seminar back for good in August 2013. 

The Who

Anastasia Wright
Executive Director

An entrepreneur at heart, Anastasia Wright, 29, is the owner of communications company IMG Agency and serves on the board of Women in Music. In her short career, she’s worked for 11 major recording labels, Alloy Inc., Cornerstone Agency, VEVO and more. Though non-traditional, her unique background has allowed her to learn nearly every facet of the music business while growing her companies. In June 2014, she departed from RCA Records where she worked in publicity to re-focus on IMG Agency and Minds Behind the Music, Inc.

Anastasia graduated cum laude with a B.B.A in marketing & communications in 2008 from Baruch College. Her areas of expertise include; project management, public relations, brand management, marketing strategy, event planning and multicultural marketing.

Chad Foster
Director, Programming & Partnerships

Chad A. Foster, current New York City resident hailing from the South Side of Chicago, is an Account Manager at Spotify where he manages relationships with premium video and podcast partners for the company’s new “Shows” initiative. Prior to Spotify, Chad was a Marketing Analyst at American Express OPEN and a Music Analyst at Nielsen Entertainment.

Outside of work, Chad serves as the Co-Regional Coordinator for the Northeast Region of the Jackie Robinson Foundation Alumni Association and hosts his own music destination, A Closer Listen (www.closerlisten.com).

The How

Seminars are at least two hours and have a three-part format:


IMG_0358Conversation: A moderated discussion with speakers on trends in their respective industry, how they got started and advice on how to break into their field.






IMG_0376Question & Answer: Audience members have a chance to ask speakers their own questions after the moderated conversation.






IMG_9736Relationship Building: Seminar attendees have a chance to meet and speak with speakers’ one-on-one as well as build with one another.






Partner With Minds Behind The Music


Offer your audience a unique, intimate experience with the chance to receive real advice. We are young professionals with careers in music, media, marketing and other areas of the entertainment industry.

We are able to relate to and address the concerns of our audience because we are them. We are the next generation of entertainment & media professionals offering access, advice and a network of support to those with similar career interests. We’re able to guide students because we’ve already traveled the path.


It’s pretty simple. We do everything for you.

We curate seminars & executive discussions to the needs & interests of our partners. We handle the outreach & scheduling of speakers, marketing and manage the seminars on the day/s of with volunteer staff. What‘s provided by our partners is a location, a time and promotional support. The more involved our partners are, the better the experience it can be for attendees.


We host our 1ON1 With: Executive Discussion series monthly. Panels or workshops are a minimum of 2 hours and at most 3 hours long. During the school year, programs are typically held during the week in the evenings and can be open to the public or closed to a specific guest list. 


Interested in partnering with Minds Behind the Music?

Please email info@mindsbehindthemusic.org for all partnership inquiries.